|search engine optimization firm|search engine optimisation|search engine optimization specialist|search engine ranking optimization my Positioner is a stand-alone service of
When you access myPositioner, you are actually reaching a team of
marketing professionals totally dedicated to Search Engine Optimisation.
NetMarketingSolution has been guiding clients since 1985 for their
marketing needs and has therefore helped the myPositioner team to reach an extremely enviable reputation for the professionalism in the
services rendered and its extremely high level of performance.

Dynamic Website Indexing Solutions

Websites with dynamic content such as database driven sites, xml
content and Flash sites are not visible for proper Search Engine optimisation. Our staff will have a solution tailored to the need of your Website’s technology. Once we have defined the right marketing avenue, we will save you several expensive hours of labor to modify and fix your
Website with our proprietary technology search Carpenter ™.

Special Search Marketing add-ons

Some projects require special treatment. Some of the add-ons we will
use are:

• Specific industry Search Engine optimizaion listing just like you would
advertise in specific trade magazines
• Specially designed landing pages for Pay-Per-Click serving as an extension of the Adword or
sponsored link advertisement
• Specific multiple page presentatio adapted to the keyword selection to increase site navigation and conversion rate
• Home page redesign

Focusing on the Search Engines that generate the best targeted

Search Engine Optimisation for PR requires indexing in the major Search
Engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN and others very specific to
your industry.

- Optimizing PR content, posting it and building a link exchange

Placing keywords in crucial locations on your web page as well as in PR

When optimizing a press release, we build the headline around the
search terms identified as crucial. We also write relevant content that reflects your keyword placement.
Posting PR content to help search engine spiders find and index it.
Undertake a linking program to help drive traffic to your site and to
improve the link rating used by the link analysis algorithms used by
Search Engines. Each press release is distributed to online wire service

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