Successful Search Engine Marketing

Global Search Engine Marketing approach.

myPositioner is a stand-alone service of NetMarketingSolution.com. When you access myPositioner, you are actually reaching a team of marketing professionals totally dedicated to Search Engine Marketing.

NetMarketingSolution has been guiding clients since 1985 for their marketing needs and has therefore helped the myPositioner team to reach an extremely enviable reputation for the professionalism in the services rendered and its extremely high level of performance.

myPositioner has a fully developed scope of Search Engine Marketing services and respects a rigorous ethical and best practice approach

Natural Search Engine Optimization for marketing

myPositioner has a reputation based on results in natural or standard search engine optimization.

Search engine marketing is a complex activity because the Search Engines are in a constant battle against each other. They change the positioning algorithms, buy each other out and develop new competing products. To top it all, your competition can take actions that complicate things even more.

myPositioner is your solution to all of that. Our process and our up-to-date technology work together. One simple toll free call will answer all your questions.

Paid Search Marketing Services

Pay-Per-Click appears to be the best solution because you only pay for what you get. The fact is that it is the best solution for the Search Engines, so much that it is for most of them their sole source of income. For all of them it is their best resource.

When properly managed, Per-Per-Click can be an excellent advertising investment. With our help, you will use more keywords without increasing your budget. We will apply a customized bidding strategy and analyze the click through rate to maximize the results. Our team will take the burden of daily follow-ups off your back.

Dynamic Content Solutions

We built our reputation on a variety of solutions to index Websites with dynamic content: database driven sites, xml content and Flash sites. Our staff will have a solution tailored to the need of your Website’s technology. Once we have defined the right marketing avenue, our proprietary technology will save you several expensive man-hours of labor to modify and fix your Website. Your Website will be just the way Search Engines spiders want it.

Multi Language Indexing

Search Engines may be able to let you search in other languages such as French or Spanish; however, your site must have the right content in French to be positioned in French. Our professional staff will prepare the search engine friendly content in many different foreign languages. You will get your share of the millions of people searching in other languages.

Performance reports and ROI tracking

Part of what makes our clients happy with our services is our straight talker response. We do what we say and we say what we do.

This is why you have constant access to your positioning results and a clear analysis of the traffic you acquired with the Search Engine Marketing program implemented by us. Our tracking software tells you where your visitors are coming from, which keywords send the most traffic and wich keywords convert more clients. The information is updated monthly or at your request between reporting periods.

Special Search Marketing add-ons

Some projects require special treatments. Some of the add-ons we will use are:

• Specific industry Search Engines listing just like you would advertise in specific trade magazines

• Specially designed landing pages for Pay-Per-Click serving as an extension of the Adword or sponsored link advertisement

• Specific multiple page presentation adapted to the keyword selection to increase site navigation and conversion rate

• Home page redesign

Customer Service

Dealing with us is dealing with individuals dedicated to the success of your project. Each of our mandates is managed and executed by a team that you can contact at all times. The team will be made of three specialists in Search Marketing

Account manager who makes sure that you are getting all the services required and the program that best meets your objectives.

Project manager — Prepares all the data and analyses all aspects of your project from a marketing perspective. The project manager also takes care of the content by adding or adapting some content to the keyword selection.

Indexing manager — Handles the technical portion of the project. His role is to make sure all the documents used for indexing correspond exactly the search engines placement algorithms and that there is no search engine traps on your Website.